Physics of Evolved Stars 2015

A Conference Dedicated to the Memory of Olivier Chesneau


Session 1: Remembering Olivier

 Farrokh Vakili         Welcome

 Eric Lagadec          Olivier's scientific work (low-mass stars)

 Florentin Millour    Olivier's scientific work (massive stars)


Session 2: Winds, mass loss, jets 

Anthony Moffat        Colliding winds among massive stars

Kenji Hamaguchi         The nature and origin of the central constant emission component of Eta Car

Shazrene Mohamed     3D models of stellar wind interaction symbiotics

José Groh                  Probing mass loss at the end stages of massive star evolution

Robin Lombaert        The problematically short superwind of OH/IR stars

Cyril Georgy               Mass loss of red supergiants: a key ingredient for the final evolution of massive stars

Mikako Matsuura       CO mass-loss rate of red-supergiants at low metallicity

Nicolas Fabas            Hydrogen lines in Mira stars through interferometry and polarimetry

Noam Soker               The role of jets: from common envelope to nebula

Leen Decin                 ALMA data suggest the presence of spiral structure in the inner wind of CW Leo

Olga Suarez               The first water fountain in a planetary nebula with synchrotron emission

Eamonn Harvey        GK Per, morpho-kinematical observations and modeling


Session 3: Binaries

Jennifer Hofmann               Mass Flows in Massive Binaries and their Evolutionary Implications

David Jones                        Planetary nebulae: What can they tell us about binary evolution?

Brent Miszalski                   New insights from close binary central stars of planetary nebulae

Valerio Ribeiro                    Using VLTI for measuring accurate nova distances

Robert Gehrz                      Observations of Novae in the Infrared in the SOFIA Era

Jana Nemravová                 Yet another spectro-interferometric study of the gas distribution in the enigmatic semi-detached binary Beta Lyrae

Anatoly Miroshnichenko    FS CMa type binaries

Augustin Skopal                 Evolved stars as donors in symbiotic binaries

Joanna Mikolajewska         Symbiotic stars in the Local Group of Galaxies

Hans Van Winckel               6 years of high­ resolution spectroscopic monitoring of evolved binaries with HERMES: lessons learned

Devika Kamath                    Newly discovered, dusty, evolved, low-luminosity post-RGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds


Session 4: Disks

Martin Groenewegen    Mass-loss and luminosities of AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds

Joris Vos                        Modelling eccentric long period hot subdwarf binaries with circumbinary disks

Pierre Kervella               The nearby AGB star L2 Pup: the birth of a bipolar planetary nebula?

Foteini Lykou                 Unraveling disks around AGB stars  

Michel Hillen                   An N-band interferometric survey of the disks around post-AGB binary stars

Markus Wittkowski        The surfaces of evolved stars and the importance of molecular layers

Session 5: Circumstellar Environments

Miguel Montargès    The convection of close red supergiant stars observed with near-infrared interferometry

Nathan Smith            Eta Carinae and the pre-supernova circumstellar material around massive stars

Claudia Agliozzo       Exploring the mass-loss history and the dust content in circumstellar nebulae around LBV stars

Nye Evans                 The circumstellar dust shells of Sakurai's Object and other "Born-Again" stars

David Gobrecht         From nuclei to dust grains: How the AGB machinery works


Chesneau Prize Lecture

Julien Milli    High-contrast imaging of debris disks


Session 6: Modeling, Evolution

Andrea Chiavassa    Pathways for observing stellar surfaces using 3D hydrodynamical simulations of evolved stars

Ehsan Moravveji       Lessons from Asteroseismology of B-type Dwarfs

Lizette Guzman         Double chemistry in Planetary Nebulae

Tomislav Jurkic        Circumstellar dust in symbiotic novae

Zeinab Khorrami       The massive stars nursery R136

Sophie Van Eck         New clues on evolved stars nucleosynthesis

Sun Kwok                  Synthesis of Complex Organics in the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution


Session 7: Conference Summary Chairperson: Denis Mourard

Orsola De Marco    Conference Summary

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